Staging your property to sell!

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  • February 9, 2015

One of the most common challenges I face as a real estate photographer is poor staging. Here are some of the most common issues I run into:

Too much furniture

Potential buyers have a hard time seeing themselves in a space if it’s filled with oversized furniture.  Try spreading your pieces throughout the house and filling out rooms that may have too little furniture.  It may even be necessary to get a storage unit to keep some of your overflow.

Furniture grouping

Put furniture together in logical groups.  Think, “What’s the most inviting arrangement?”  What will make a buyer think, “I could see myself sitting down with my spouse over coffee in this room.”  Move furniture away from the walls to give the room more depth.

Dated furniture or carpeting

This goes back to pulling a potential buyer’s eye away from what you’re actually selling – the house! Unless your 1950s furniture is in a mid-century modern home, it’s time to update.  Vintage carpet is never in style.  The slightest discoloration or excessive wear can turn away a buyer.  If you’re not sure what flooring will attract buyers, go with wood.  It’s always a good choice and buyers can use rugs if they want a more homey feel.


Hide that clutter!  No one cares if you’re in the process of moving – they don’t want to see your clutter.  It’s the first red flag to a buyer that you’re not a serious agent/seller. Hide it in cabinets if you have to, but don’t leave it out in the open.  Libraries and offices are the only place where a small amount of clutter is acceptable.

Update that wood

Wood decks, wood floors, wood cabinets – if they’re looking old or worn out, fix them.  A well-maintained deck can be a huge selling point. Decks that are falling apart are a liability.

Curb appeal

A little bit of landscaping goes a long way.  Well-placed shrubs can up a home’s value by thousands of dollars. A fresh coat of paint equals money in the bank.



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