How drone photography helps sell your property

More and more, real estate professional are asking for drone photography and videography to help sell their properties. Drone photography and videography is especially popular in Waco, particularly when showing off homes near Lake Waco. There’s also a lot of real estate professionals using drone photography to show off Downtown Waco properties or houses on Lake Belton. Here are a few reasons why drone real estate photography is so popular now:

It shows more of the property

Before drone photography, there really wasn’t a great way to get a feel for the size of a property. You could look up the Google Earth satellite imagery, but who knows when that was last updated? Back in the day, real estate agents had to hire a helicopter for a bird’s-eye-view!

Drone photography lets prospective buyers see the features of the property more clearly. How big is the house and other structures in comparison to total acreage? What natural features are nearby? How does the property look in different seasons? These are all things drone photography can help you with. 

It shows exactly where your property is

Everyone wants to know how close they are to the hottest attractions in town. Wonder how far it is to the lake from your house? Drone photography can show you. In Waco especially, showing your property in relation to the ALICO Building is a big selling point. Several recent properties show off how close they are to the Magnolia Silos. Other people care about proximity to hip restaurants and coffee shops.

Drone photography is best for rural properties

Properties that sit on several acres of land benefit the most from drone photography. It’s hard for people to get a feel for how much land they’re buying without seeing it from above. As I mentioned earlier, you can use Google Maps to get an idea, but it usually doesn’t do the property justice. If you’ve got multiple buildings on your property, you can show prospective buyers between them.

Use a professional to avoid legal trouble

The cost of buying a drone has plummeted in recent years. It may be tempting to hire your cousin to fly his new toy around your property. You could be breaking the law! The Federal Aviation Administration requires specific license called and Part 107 to fly drones commercially. That means you need a professional is you plan on using drone photography to promote your properties. Fines could be as several thousand dollars a photo! Also, flying a drone in restricted air space could result in felony! Licensed pilots are tested on how to real flight maps as part of their certification. ALWAYS use certified drone pilots (like us here at Show and Sell 😉 ) to professionally photograph your property. 

If you’re looking for a real estate photography professional in Waco (and surrounding areas), we’d love to help you! We’re Part 107 certified. We also take great photos from the ground too! Connect with us to learn more!